60x30 Works is raising awareness and supporting our state to take the necessary steps to empower 60 percent of Texans aged 25-34 to earn a post-secondary certificate or degree by 2030.


U.S. jobs in 1978 that required post-secondary education or training


New jobs by 2020 that will require post secondary education or training


Barely 40%

Texans aged 25-34 who have a certificate or associate degree or higher.

Without bold action, Texas faces a future of diminished incomes, opportunities, and resources.

  • Of the 11.6 million new, post recession jobs, 11.5 million required some form of post-secondary education.
  • Not including UT-Austin and Texas A&M, graduation rates are about 50 percent over 6 years. Community colleges are under 32 percent over 3 years.
  • By 2050, Latino workers in Texas will outnumber Anglo workers 3 to 1.
    • Only 14 percent of Latinos are currently receiving some form of post-secondary credential.
  • Barely one-third of high school test-takers are prepared to take the next step in education or training. 
  • 60 percent of students coming through the educational pipeline are economically disadvantaged.
    • Of the bottom quartile of families sending kids to college, over 50 percent are spending 100 percent or more of their annual income on college expenses.
    • We have an 11 percent college completion rate for poor eighth graders in Texas.
    • Texas was ranked 42nd in providing higher education to students from economically disadvantaged families.