60x30 Works is raising awareness and supporting our state to take the necessary steps to empower 60 percent of Texans aged 25-34 to earn a post-secondary certificate or degree by 2030.


To achieve this, we support three core focus areas:


  • Improved graduation rates for four year colleges and universities
  • Emphasize impact matters more than effort
  • Incentives for increased results

Enhanced Financial Support

  • Strengthen existing scholarship programs
  • Strengthen future workforce
  • Reduce dependency on student loans

Pipeline support

  • Ensure all students can earn access to scholarships and financial support
  • Enhance student readiness to improve success in college

Statewide and national outreach - Through 2018

We’ll be barnstorming communities and potential donors around Texas and beyond starting in February 2017. Our goal is to have broad geographic representation of sponsorship to begin advocating priorities during the current legislature. 60x30 Works leadership events are being developed in the following cities:

  • Austin, January 27

  • San Antonio, February 3

  • Fort Worth, February 9

  • Dallas, February 10

  • San Francisco, February 14

  • Houston,  February 22

  • Washington, DC, February 24

  • Atlanta, March 3

  • Austin, SXSWedu, March 6-9

  • Austin, SXSW, March 10-13

  • Corpus Christi, March 23

  • El Paso, March 31

  • New York City, April 7